The Challenge of Remote Communication: Keeping Up, Not Drowning

When I was at Hotjar, keeping up with internal communication was a real head-scratcher. As we grew, we were swamped by an onslaught of Discourse forum threads, emails, and Slack messages. Plus, different teams started using their own tools, like JIRA and Asana, and this made things even messier.

Building a team for the first time? Here's what you need to know

Perhaps you're the co-founder of a new SaaS business and it's finally gaining traction, or you're working in a small company and have, up until this point, been solely responsible for one specific area of the business. It's finally time

The key to a high performing product team is momentum

Over the years, I tried to analyze our teams and identify patterns unique to our most high-performing ones. Unsurprisingly, the specific framework they used to keep themselves organized very rarely correlated with performance.

Help your team understand that we live in an imperfect world

If you’ve ever been involved in building or leading a company, you will know that what you plan is very rarely what actually happens. Throughout your startup journey, you are going to encounter many random obstacles that will impede your plans.

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