I have been working in startups for the last 11+ years. In 2014, I co-founded Hotjar, a behavior analytics SaaS tool. Today, it has a fully distributed team of 240 (and growing), has a product that is used by almost 1,000,000 websites globally, and was recently acquired by tech giant ContentSquare.

Throughout my time at Hotjar, I held a number of roles: Head of Frontend Development, Lead Product Manager, and eventually, Director of Engineering.

If you're a founder or a leader with an early-stage startup, here's an example of some of the areas I can help with:

  • Setting up a hiring pipeline
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Building teams & org planning
  • Managing team ownership
  • Training team leads
  • Planning and executing organizational changes
  • Building career ladders
  • Setting up performance reviews
  • Creating salary bands
  • Documenting and communicating your vision to the team
  • Creating and managing product backlogs
  • Creating goal tracking systems for your company
  • Dealing with technical debt
  • Optimizing remote communication
  • And more

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