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When I was at Hotjar, keeping up with internal communication was a real head-scratcher. As we grew, we were swamped by an onslaught of Discourse forum threads, emails, and Slack messages. Plus, different teams started using their own tools, like JIRA and Asana, and this made things even messier.

We used Slack for quick, urgent chats, and it did the job. But emails and forums were a different story. Our inboxes were like battlefields, jam-packed with endless threads, questions, and chats. The worst part was when discussions turned into pointless debates on things we'd already decided.

Emails were especially tough to handle. With notifications flooding in non-stop and no clear way to sort through them, it was pure chaos. Instead of helping us, our tools seemed to take over. Even Slack, good as it was for casual chats, was often used for serious work discussions that just ended up lost in the shuffle.

Sound Familiar?

Chat is handy for remote teams, but it's not perfect. It's not really meant for deep discussions or major decisions. That's what forums like Discourse and emails should've been for. But they quickly turned into a mess of never-ending threads and arguments, burying us in data.

What we needed was something that had the speed of chat but could also handle deep discussions like forums. Something that would help us focus on the important stuff instead of burying us in a pile of information.

A New Era of Team Communication

Since my departure from Hotjar, I've been thinking about possible solutions to these communication hurdles. Is it possible to simplify and streamline team communication? I've embarked on an exciting project that seeks to do exactly that.

Imagine a tool that alleviates stress instead of invoking FOMO. One that helps you prioritize, encourages decision-making, and curbs pointless chatter. A tool that transforms the chaos of workplace communication into a manageable, streamlined process.

I truly believe there's a need for a tool that makes remote communication better and more efficient. I'm excited to share more about this journey with you.

Stay tuned - there's more to come!

Are you looking for a Startup Advisor? I might be able to help.